A UX Conference Unlike Any Other Returning in 2017

Leading Design Sprints to Jump-Start Team Collaboration

Richard Banfield · Wednesday, April 20 · 8:30am – 5:30pm

Lead your team through a rapid, disciplined, and time-boxed design cycle that achieves stunning design concepts. Facilitate collaboration across your organization bypassing the usual politics.

Incorporate user insights directly into your team’s design decisions. Guarantee you’ll build products your users will truly want.

Richard will share exactly how to infuse a design approach into every new project.

The Day’s Agenda


Set the stage for a Design Sprint by understanding the problem and the user

  • Master the rules of Design Sprints, create an agenda, and identify team assumptions that derail conversations
  • Identify the design obstacles your organization is facing with Challenge Maps
  • Understand the user through Empathy Maps, Personas, and User Journey Maps

Work through multiple design solutions—sketching and brainstorming exercises

  • Engage the team, getting creative juices flowing, with the Mind Mapping technique
  • Individually sketch designs and create storyboards to brainstorm dozens of ideas and concepts
  • Converge on the best design solution by presenting and critiquing the team’s storyboards and voting on the best ideas


Wireframe and build your minimal viable prototype

  • Create a prototype through collaborative team sketching
  • Make your prototyping interactive and working with low-fidelity materials, including paper
  • Set up a user research plan with written interview questions and defined tasks

Learn from your prototype with user interviews and testing

  • Evaluate the prototype with multiple user interviews
  • Collect qualitative insights for iterating and improving on the prototype
  • Discuss what worked well and what needs improving with a Sprint Retrospective

Inject innovative techniques into your design process

Rapidly create innovate designs through a collaborative, time-boxed approach

Bring your designers and non-designers together through proven design exercises and gain a shared understanding of what to build.

Depoliticize your design process

Honing in on the real problems and identifying new solutions is a politically-infused struggle for most product teams. You’ll see how to stop the opinion wars while solving the users’ biggest challenges.

Design a product or service that users truly want

Teams constantly struggle to reach consensus when deciding what solutions will truly delight their users. Design Sprints set a clear direction for your products and services and validate the product direction.

You’ll see how to:

  • Get your entire team on the same page for what problems you’re solving
  • Gain a shared understanding of what to build with creative design exercises
  • Sketch and refine your designs through structured presentation and critique
  • Converge on the best design approach to gain a competitive advantage
  • Build a working prototype of a minimal viable product
  • Test and refine your prototypes to deliver a best-in-class design

Jump-start team collaboration to gain a competitive advantage

Master the five discrete phases of a Design Sprint

You will come away from this workshop equipped to lead your team through all phases of a Design Sprint: understand your users, diverge to brainstorm possible solutions, converge on the best solution, prototype to create a minimal viable concept, and test the concept with users.

Maximize team collaboration and work more effectively with stakeholders

Involve all team members in the design process to collect a broad range of ideas and insights to inform your design solution.

Learn the brainstorming, prototyping, and testing techniques to jump-start your design efforts.

Design Sprints get all members of your team on the same page when tackling your product challenges.

Deep dive into core leadership techniques to empower your team

Armed with an immersive design process, you will successfully remove team politics and deliver great results.

Practice every phase of a Design Sprint

Richard will guide you through all the stages of a Design Sprint with beautifully choreographed hands-on exercises. You’ll practice individual and group sketching, actively present and critique each other’s design, and test your interactive prototypes with real users. All to give you practice, so you can hit the ground running when you get back to work.

Richard Banfield Expert, Advanced Rapid Collaboration

Photo of Richard Banfield

Here’s what Jared says about why he chose Richard for UX Immersion: Interactions…

While I’m blown away by Richard’s encyclopedic knowledge of every variation and approach to rapid design collaboration techniques, it’s his pragmatic approach to doing what matters most that I find most impressive. Working with Richard, it becomes clear, very quickly, that he is all about getting the best designs out of a multi-disciplinary team. On top of all that, he’s a joy to learn from, as he reduces every phase into easy-to-achieve steps.

In his day job, Richard is the CEO of Fresh Tilled Soil, which is one of Boston’s top product design agencies, with a raft of top-shelf clients like Microsoft, GE, Harvard Vanguard, and Intel. He’s an obvious choice for this workshop since he (quite literally) wrote the book on Design Sprints, along with Trace Wax and C. Todd Lombardo: Design Sprint: A Practical Guide for Building Great Digital Products.

You’ll come away from this workshop ready to move forward with your own design sprints, as Richard will prepare you with everything you need to succeed. This workshop will empower you to dramatically infuse your organization with a design approach from Day 1 of every new project.