A UX Conference Unlike Any Other Returning in 2017

Enterprise Apps: To Boldly Simplify Where Nobody Has Simplified Before

Hagan Rivers · Wednesday, April 20 · 8:30am – 5:30pm

Tackle the chaos of your enterprise applications to deliver intuitive experiences. Apply modern day standards to transform your decades-old applications into delightful products.

Take advantage of design patterns and principles commonly used in the enterprise. Roll out your changes to a welcoming audience, not angry users with pitchforks and torches ready to revolt.

If anybody should be called an “enterprise application whisperer,” it would be Hagan.

The Day’s Agenda


Simplify your applications with a comprehensive pattern language

  • Navigate the unique challenges of enterprise apps, including complex data sets, varying customizations, and multiple screen views
  • Set standards and build consistency across your applications, frameworks, and modules with a pattern language
  • Identify when and why to take advantage of tables patterns

Design better forms and choosers that are both easy to learn and easy to use

  • Learn the common design patterns for forms, including error messages and data entry screens
  • Designing improved data choosers that help users make selections from short and long lists
  • Choose a user-oriented approached to design based on how your users think, not how the data is structured


Build effective home screens and navigation systems

  • Create a home screen that becomes the building block for your entire application
  • Ensure your home screen orients users, jumpstarts tasks, and accounts for every user role
  • Uncover when and why to use tab menus, mega menus, left-side navigation, searchable navigation, and breadcrumbs

Create a style guide to ensure consistent visuals and tone across all product offerings

  • Ensure all your applications feel like they are part of one family despite underlying code differences
  • Increase user comprehension with consistent and clear language
  • Plan and communicate your design’s rollout strategy with stakeholders and users

Simplify your applications with well-established standards

Tackle the overwhelming complexity of your enterprise applications with a proven, structural framework

Enterprise applications often grow organically to become complex monsters, making it impossible for anyone to learn or use. Get proven methods for adding new capabilities without causing havoc for users.

Streamline your designs with a design language that brings your legacy applications into the modern age

Identify where to start improving your applications with well-established patterns. Grow your design capacity building out reusable elements to meet regular business needs.

Fight design entropy and get your application’s UI under control

As you add new features to your application, they are frequently glued on top of old ones, often with slightly different interfaces. Take advantage of proven strategies for addressing this problem before it becomes unmanageable.

You’ll see how to:

  • Make well-informed choices about which design patterns to use and why
  • Simplify your application with Tables, Forms, and Choosers
  • Design an intuitive and succinct home screen
  • Ensure users can find what they want with simple navigation approaches
  • Create a style guide to achieve visual consistency across all applications
  • Justify your design choices to your team by establishing a pattern language

Win the battle against the Enterprise Application Monster

Learn a continuous, iterative approach to building world-class enterprise applications

With big and complex applications, the path to success comes from continuous, incremental design improvements. There are many places you can start, from fixing global navigation to designing a new home screen, or addressing wording and errors.

Practice designing solutions for common enterprise challenges

Learn techniques to overcome common design challenges that are confronting organizations like yours. Get to the essentials of designing effective data tables (large and small), forms, choosers, navigation, breadcrumbs, and home screens.

Manage the disparate pieces within your application

Even the most chaotic applications can benefit from the careful applications of design best practices. With a foundational set of design patterns, you will see how to simplify your applications for specific use cases and give your users just the right amount of information to accomplish their tasks.

Establish consistent interactions, visuals, and language across your product portfolio

You’ll see how to avoid the common trap of dropping new features on top of old ones, leading to very different interfaces across your application.

Learn from the best Enterprise apps

Throughout the workshop, Hagan will share examples of Enterprise apps that have successfully incorporated patterns and principles into their designs. You will also have the opportunity to design solutions to some of the most common challenges faced in the Enterprise.

Hagan Rivers Expert, Advanced Enterprise App Design

Photo of Hagan Rivers

Here’s what Jared says about why he chose Hagan for UX Immersion: Interactions…

One reason I love working with Hagan is her pragmatic approach to wrangling the chaos of gnarly enterprise applications. She brings a laser focus to almost any design problem, honing in on the most critical elements, and proposes a solution so brilliant, you have to wonder how you never saw it before.

Hagan developed this talent in her years of serving some of the biggest enterprise applications, in a bundle of industries. She’s worked in everything from finance to molecular science, from manufacturing to social networks. Clients like DST Systems, DemandWare, Partners Healthcare, and Inteq, just to name a few.

Anybody who is battling the world of enterprise application complexity needs to spend an entire day with Hagan. I’m so glad you’ll get the chance to do that.